Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CPA workshop

Finally back to office. I was away for CPA workshop for few days...

I hate KL, I hate the horrible traffic jam. I booked a cap on Sunday night and they called me up Monday morning telling me there is no taxi go to shah alam area. I guess it was due to the heavy rain on Monday morning. So my hubby have to fetch me to KL... gosh... we caught in the terrible, heavy traffic all the way to KL.

The course was very good. I feel like going back to school, really enjoy the "class room" environment. How I wish I can go back to school again....

But my company send me to this course about "Consolidation Financial Statement". Tell you what.. this was my "weakest" subject during my Uni time. I never get it balance...hahaha !! And yet I have to do consol for my company this year. Wish me luck ya !! :P

The lectural is a very experiences lady... She gave us many many questions with tricky tricky "trap" in the questions. She said this is how they differentiate the "good " and "excellent" students. Wow.. I think I will failed my consol if my Uni lectural was her. Hahahaha !!

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