Sunday, September 2, 2007

My girl has grown up !!

Took this picture yesterday night. After taking it, I viewed it so many times, over and over again. Hmm.. my girl has grown up right ? Still remember when she was a small little baby lying in my arms. Feeding her milk every night, looking at her sleeping face in the middle of night makes me feel so contented.

And now she is a big girl, reading by herself every night... helping me to take care of Cayson (ie, take milk bottle, throw pampers etc)... sleeping by her own in her small mattress.......

I love you so much, Iris.. my dearest little daughter. You are always my little princess and my lovely, understanding, considerate daughter. Still remember mummy was having backache when conceived Cayson, can't even get up from bed. You were so considerate, holding my hand and called Daddy to "rescue" mummy by telling daddy "Di.. she needs you". :P

I do enjoy my every moment with Iris. I know one day she will grows up, have her own circle of friends, busy with her study... etc etc etc. Wonder how I would arrange my time, my life then without a clingy daughter beside me.

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serendipity said...

What a good girl! She looks so different now, but still so much like CA