Saturday, May 17, 2008





世界有太多的无奈。。。。 无情的天灾人祸。。。。。





Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thomas & Friends

Thanks to Sharon (Comfybebe) that finally get us a Thomas and Friends bedsheet.

The story begin ... we (I) wanted to "kick" Iris out from our master bed room. So I sweet talk her and promise to get her a NEW bedsheet. So here she comes telling me her favorite toy Thomas. And she happily promise to sleep alone by herself when we get her the Thomas and friend bedsheet.

So me and hubby search high and low on Thomas. FINALLY we got it and here comes the first night, after story and story and story and story ... kissing and kissing and kissing, promise and promise, she finally settle down in her own room.

Well.. this should be a great news.... but back to our empty master bedroom.. saw cayson sleeping nicely on the his small single bed. Both of us found that our KING size bed is TOO BIG. We sleep on the bed without her "kong fu" style of kicking few hours. Then my hubby went to back room and check on his lovely daughter. 2 times a night.. (worry dad ya ???!!!)

Second night... same old story and story, kissing and kissing. She dozz off on her Thomas and friend bedsheet. I was ready to annouce that Iris is sleeping alone in her room. Hubby wake up one time to check on her and telling me he miss Iris.

Third night.. after bedtime story... i went down to watch TV. By the time i finished my taiwainese hock kian series.. i went up stair...and went straight to her room.. OH.. she is not on her bed. I got a shock and rush to my room.

There.. i saw daddy, iris and cayson lying nicely on MY master bed !!! So.. here again mummy have only 1/4 of place to sleep.

Conclusion... iris can sleep with us another year......

Friday, May 2, 2008

Genting Trip

Wow.. tired tired tired. Since 1 May is a public holiday, we decided to bring iris and cayson to genting for a day trip. But i guess this is a wrong idea, as Genting is FULL Of people.. crowded.. hot, not cooling at all. And a lot of cigarette smoke. Gosh..

However, little Iris enjoy very much, Cayson ler.. just so so.. hahah, see how moody was his face. :P

I didn't know bringing 2 kids out for a day trip is that tired. Haha..even more tired than going to work.

Hopefully next trip I can be more prepared and overnight (not day trip).

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vxx ex-colleagues !!

One year working in VXX, i think what i gain from working there are below few points;-

1) I watch my children growing elder in this one year, with new maid at home. Vxx is very near to my house, i can go home every lunch to look at them. At the same time, i can go home anytime to "sport" check on my maid.

2) First time in my working life, i work as Accountant, involving in Accounts department. I learn how to handle accounts and not from audit point of view. This lead me to another career parth.

3) I know one group of friends (my ex-staff). They are all hard working and young. Haha.. i feel young too when mix with them.

I know that there are something happened, but i really do hope that everyone will look forward. After all life is still carried on nomatter how much we argue on one issue.

But i really enjoy the gathering organised by Ginny.. haha.. she is a very sexy, out spoken, intelligent, smart girl. I really look forward for next gathering with all of them. Mean while, all of us (kelly, Jac, Ginny and Pinky) work hard and we will meet agian for makan makan soon.... :P

Cyber Friend

I know one mummy throught Mead Johnson forum since 2005. We never met each other before, but we are good buddy. We chat on yahoo messenger, skype everyday. We talk about work, children, family, religion and everything everyday. We exchange photo, views, share opinion and a lot a lot more in this few years.

She has a daughter same age as Iris, this is our comment topic everyday. She talk about her girl and I talk about my girl. But she has migrated to Australia since last year October 2007. I miss her very much, due to time different and new working environment for her and for me (change job), we hardly can catch each other on skype. So we are back to emailing.

I really miss the time chatting with her everyday. Without her advice and encouragement, sometimes i feel lost... thanks, LL for giving me so much support.

I know that she has been working hard and trying hard to settle down in AU. And I am glad to see her settling down well with her family there.

I just feel like blogging this down, at least to keep as a memory of our truly friendship for the few years.

And i wish that she and her family, especially her dearest daughter stay happy everyday !!

Monday, October 15, 2007