Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cyber Friend

I know one mummy throught Mead Johnson forum since 2005. We never met each other before, but we are good buddy. We chat on yahoo messenger, skype everyday. We talk about work, children, family, religion and everything everyday. We exchange photo, views, share opinion and a lot a lot more in this few years.

She has a daughter same age as Iris, this is our comment topic everyday. She talk about her girl and I talk about my girl. But she has migrated to Australia since last year October 2007. I miss her very much, due to time different and new working environment for her and for me (change job), we hardly can catch each other on skype. So we are back to emailing.

I really miss the time chatting with her everyday. Without her advice and encouragement, sometimes i feel lost... thanks, LL for giving me so much support.

I know that she has been working hard and trying hard to settle down in AU. And I am glad to see her settling down well with her family there.

I just feel like blogging this down, at least to keep as a memory of our truly friendship for the few years.

And i wish that she and her family, especially her dearest daughter stay happy everyday !!

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