Friday, May 2, 2008

Genting Trip

Wow.. tired tired tired. Since 1 May is a public holiday, we decided to bring iris and cayson to genting for a day trip. But i guess this is a wrong idea, as Genting is FULL Of people.. crowded.. hot, not cooling at all. And a lot of cigarette smoke. Gosh..

However, little Iris enjoy very much, Cayson ler.. just so so.. hahah, see how moody was his face. :P

I didn't know bringing 2 kids out for a day trip is that tired. Haha..even more tired than going to work.

Hopefully next trip I can be more prepared and overnight (not day trip).


gnie said...

now only know no easy to take care of 2 kids?
Next time you shuould preapred and need to do plannin b4 u go for outing like accounting, we need to do budget n planning ;-)
You should know very well since u Qualified accountant.

Lynn Chong said...

Wei.. dun always use this word "Qualified".. I am very scared to hear that ler... :P

Serendipity said...

Oh wow, they are so big already! Haha Cayson sure looked rather grumpy there.