Friday, August 10, 2007


I hate Allergy.. don't know what happened to me this few month. My skins become so sensitive, I can't touch on any seafood especially PRAWN... (My favorite seafood ler).

Went to see Dr a few times. he even gave me an injection of steroid. OMG .. what happened to me ? Some said due to stress and some said hormone changed. But according to Dr, it's non of them.. its just food allergy.

But the problem with me is . I have been avoiding seafood at all and yet the allergy still come. Not sure I allergy to other food as well. So so so sickening !! Or may be I should do a blood test to confirm my types of allergy. But I am so scared of blood test and the fees is expensive.. about RM500. Sign.....


serendip said...

Poor thing ;-( How can anyone live without seafood?

Go do the blood test!

Lynn Chong said...

Give some support mah ... financially also can .. :P