Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cayson back to nanny house for a night

I have a Wedding Dinner invitation at night, so I send Cayson to nanny' house to stay overnight. Can't put a trust on hubby and maid to take care of him. ( No lah.. it's because Cayson still very choosy during night time. He wants mummy or nanny only)

Nanny missed him SOO much .. kissing him and hugging
him tight tight the moment see him. Hm.. another person that spoil him beside mummy. Hee hee !!

And my little boy so manja, starts complaining to nanny .. "yi yi ah ah ..oh ei yi ah" .. as if like mummy bully him very teruk !!

The night become so quiet without Cayson. Iris keeps asking me.. "where is my brother ?". Hmm.. i thought all this while they are like cat and dog. But surprisingly she miss him SOO much !!

And the first question in the morning from Iris is ..."Where is Cayson ?"

I am sure Iris can be a good sister one day and so as Cayson will be a good brother to Iris.

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esther said...

so sweet to hear Iris asking for Cayson...they are very "kam-cheng" in their heart!