Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Feeling Fresh !!

Yes.. Cayson sleep well last night. I feel much much better today, feeling fresh and not so tired compared to yesterday !!

Last night decided to let Cayson sleep in baby cot, he never sleep in the cot before. Me and chor ann agreed that we should insist and let him sleep in the cot. This way, it's better to all of us. Iris sleep on her single small bed, Cayson in the baby cot. So daddy and mummy can have some good sleeping time on our BIG bed !! :-)

Hope that tonight he will continue to sleep in his baby cot.

He woke up this morning fresh and stand up on his cot. Looking at us and start calling us. So cute :P


esther said...

hey, i'm glad that you're feeling fresh today...hope every night will be like this for you...take gd rest :p

Lynn Chong said...

Yes.. thank you !!

IrynC said...

Good for you!

Lynn Chong said...

Yes.. hope that tonight I can get a good sleep also !!